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Friday 22 March 2024


This screening features 9 short films, and will be followed by a free drink. All films are in English OR have English subtitles.​

@ Velvet Room, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Gent

Tickets are 6 euros (incl. a free drink). Tickets for this screening are available online.


Bodylands (United States) by Sarah McColgan

The human body becomes a living sculpture in this film that aims to reimagine toxic societal beauty norms.

Running time: 00:01:00

The Visit .jpeg

The Visit (Germany) by Katharina Sporrer

A sister comes to seek redemption but some things can not be forgiven. Nina has been clean for a year and wants to make amends to her sister Lisa, who has always been by her side. Lisa lives alone with her daughter, after having been left by her partner. Nina wants to apologise for endangering the child, but Lisa struggles to forgive her. What we come to find out that the daughter is actually Nina's and the danger an unspeakable crime.

Running time: 00:09:01

ECHT! - Cheesecake .jpeg

Echt! - Cheesecake (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, Diogo Heinen, Lukas Gevaert

This music video plunges us into the atmosphere of a small, dark town where a colorful cheesecake factory takes center stage. The story focuses on the factory's workers, revealing a very special purpose for the delicious cheesecakes they produce.

Running time: 00:03:35

Ayahuasca an der Krummen Lanke .jpeg

Ayahuasca an der Krummen Lanke (Germany) by Antonia Walther

Two loners who have taken ayahuasca and are wearing a rabbit mask and a gas mask so that we cannot see their faces meet at the Krumme Lanke and begin to approach each other through a dance. A voice-over reflects on what a picture is and looks back nostalgically on its past. The film plays with elements of horror films.

Running tiime: 00:05:30


Oxide (Belgium) by Emma Emily Daelman

Two traumatized creatures, seeking closeness within an abandoned bus shelter, grapple with the blurred lines between connection and separation in their pursuit of intimacy.

Running time: 00:06:10

Pripyat Horse .jpeg

Pripyat Horse (United Kingdom) by Sally Patricia Pearce    

A sparrow flies swiftly in through one door of the hall, and out through another…. Even so, man appears on earth for a little while; but of what went before this life or of what follows, we know nothing. A moment for mourning, for a friend, for the earth.

Running time: 00:02:00

The Noise of Nose .jpeg

The Noise of Nose (Belgium) by Samuel Van Geesbergen

The end of the world of a lone lover, Nose, with his head full of noises.

Running time: 00:06:50

The End of the World .jpeg

The End of the World (United Kingdom) by Ali Aschman

How do we relate to the concept of climate catastrophe on a personal level? The filmmaker draws a parallel between various threats of climate change and her own visceral and emotional experience of grieving after an immense and sudden loss, questioning her capacity to care about humanity yet nonetheless showing a glimmer of hope for the future.

Running time: 00:03:00

Human, not human .jpeg

Human, not human (Belgium) by Natan Castay

Otto spends night and day blurring faces on Google Streetview for a cent each. It's the kind of work he and his friends around the world can find on the Amazon Mechanical Turk, the crowdworking platform. Alongside his turker friends, Otto sinks into a robotic world that raise the question of humanity.

Running time: 00:39:40

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