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Friday August 27
8-10PM (20.00-22.00)

This screening session features 8 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.



Casa del Cinema Videoteca PasinettiPalazzo Mocenigo - San Stae 1990, Venice 30135, Italy

Free tickets:

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the cinema starting 20 minutes before each screening. Reservation is not required, but optional. If you want to be certain of your seat(s), reserve your ticket(s) here.

COVID-19 notice:

Per government regulations, it is mandatory for all visitors aged 12 and older to present a 'Green Pass' in order to be allowed entry to public venues. The Green Pass is a COVID-19 certificate with a QR code available to anyone that has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine approved for use in the E.U., has recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months or has negative lab results from a test done within the previous 48 hours.

2 minutes before the digital war (France) by GRAPHSET _ Mikkael Doczekalski_edited.jpg

2 minutes before the digital war (France)

By GRAPHSET / Mikkael Doczekalski

The threat of a new conflict had dissipated. Weeks ago, a hundred men from the community had left on a reconnaissance mission. We hadn’t heard from them. If we had no images, no reports, then this war did not exist. Running time: 00:03:44

I N T E R S T I C E (Sweden) by Oskar Willers.jpg

I N T E R S T I C E (Sweden)

By Oskar Willers

When Anders makes an indecent proposal to his younger boyfriend Micke, things take a very sudden dark turn. Running time: 00:11:21


Exhibition (Germany)

By Sylvia Borges

In the age of smartphones an exhibitionist struggles to get the attention he needs. Running time: 00:03:16

Learning From The Wind (Italy) by Federico Mazzarisi, Sofia Rivolta.jpg

Learning From The Wind (Italy)
By Federico Mazzarisi, Sofia Rivolta

After the announcement of the national lockdown and the horrors Italy experienced when the Coronavirus first affected the country, Alice and Andrea go back to their hometown in Lombardia and Puglia. Separated through quarantine, we follow their conversations as they deal with the impact of events, watching their day-to-day lives in isolation as they encounter personal and emotional issues. Running time: 00:09:14


Gum (United States) by Jacob Reed.png

Gum (United States)

By Jacob Reed

In a reality where gum doesn't exist, Anne pitches an idea that could change the world. Running time: 00:08:54

Da-Dzma (A Sister and a Brother) (Belgium) by Jaro Minne.jpg

Da-Dzma (A Sister and a Brother) (Belgium)

By Jaro Minne

Winter. A fifteen-year-old girl in a remote Georgian village tries to get closer to her older brother, just as he decides to leave home in search for work abroad. Running time: 00:15:25


Snake Dick (United States) by David Mahmoudieh.jpg

Snake Dick (United States)

By David Mahmoudieh

Jill's got the snake. Julia's got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness... Running time: 00:07:47


Ala Kachuu - Take and Run (Switzerland) by Maria Brendle.jpg

Ala Kachuu - Take and Run (Switzerland)

By Maria Brendle

Sezim (19) wants to fulfill her dream of studying in the Kyrgyz capital when she gets kidnapped by a group of young men and taken to the hinterland. There she’s forced to marry a stranger. If she refuses the marriage, she is threatened with social stigmatization and exclusion. Torn between her desire for freedom and the constraints of Kyrgyz culture, Sezim desperately seeks for a way out. Running time: 00:38:26


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