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Saturday 23 March 2024


This screening features 7 short films, and will be followed by a free drink. All films are in English OR have English subtitles.​

@ Velvet Room, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Gent

Tickets are 6 euros (incl. a free drink). Tickets for this screening are available online.

Immaculate Deception .jpeg

Immaculate Deception (United Kingdom) by Emily Lucienne

While he sleeps, she makes a desolate choice.

Running time: 00:04:59

Thank you for your souvenir, UK! .jpeg

Thank you for your souvenir, UK! (United Kingdom) by Oushi Lin

This film tells the complex experience of "Chinese students" in the context of today's increasingly common transnational education. As a "one-year passer-by", the director elaborated on the embarrassing situation of today's international students wandering between "marginal people" and "internationals". It attempts to arouse people's re-examination of the transnational education system by depicting the real dilemma.

Running time: 00:03:03

FURRIE .jpeg

Furrie (France) by Lucie Grannec

A dolphin in free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a band of animals adept at firearms… Different portraits, existing, of members of the Furry community, lovers and enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals.

Running time: 00:08:36

Love is the monster .jpeg

Love is the monster (Costa Rica) by Neto Villalobos Brenes

In a dystopian society a grandmother wants to spend more time with her granddaughter, but a series of events turns what seems to be a perfect afternoon into something else.

Running time: 00:15:41


Fragments (United Kingdom) by Mélodie Roulaud

A portrait of trans non-binary artist Fleur Bloemsma, short film Fragments takes an introspective journey into their understanding and experience of their own body, and the meanders of their mind. Running time: 00:03:38


Ма (Russian Federation) by Valentina Besolova

Sabina and her mother Zarema are experiencing the death of their only brother and son. Each of them does it in their own way. Sabina withdraws into herself and spends all her time with the dog Bruce which connects her with her brother. Her mother  fears losing  connection with last child and tries to get closer to her daughter.

Running time: 00:17:16


Cataract (Denmark) by Jonatan Egholm Keis

A desperate woman robs a gas station with her nearly-blind younger brother and catapults herself into deep water in order to pay for his cataract surgery.

Running time: 00:24:24

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