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Sunday 24 March 2024


This screening features 6 short films, and will be followed by a free drink. All films are in English OR have English subtitles.​

@ Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent

Tickets are 6 euros (incl. a free drink). Tickets for this screening are available online.

Shaka Shams - BALROG .jpeg

Shaka Shams - Balrog (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, Alice Khol

Shaka Shams, a young rapper both shy and charismatic, finds himself transformed into a retro-futuristic warrior and propelled into a mental universe where black and white rubs shoulders with the brightest colors. A labyrinthine and tortuous crossing between dream and reality.

Running time: 00:02:28


Noham (Belgium) by Victorine Durmort, Marie Fotso-Guifo

The day of the family Christmas party, 7yr old Noham is dropped off by his father at a hotel where he is reunited with his mother, whom he hasn’t seen since she moved out of the family home. During this particular afternoon, Noham tries to unravel the mystery that lies behind his mother’s isolation.

Running time: 00:14:49

The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry_edited.jpg

The Red Sea Makes Me Wanna Cry (Jordan) by Faris Alrjoob

A haunted Ida travels to the liminal site of her partner’s disappearance in an attempt to feel his presence one last time, and to say goodbye.

Running time: 00:21:00

Your Bad Neighbour .jpeg

Your Bad Neighbour (United Kingdom) by Ka Long Tung

As an immigrant from a foreign place, the seagull shares his unique insight of living in an English-speaking urban area.

Running time: 00:01:51

The Whole World Blind.jpeg

The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Cuck and The Eunuch) (United Kingdom) by Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey

After witnessing his wife's illicit affair, a humiliated businessman flees deep into the countryside where he encounters a reclusive war veteran. Together, they strike a maniacal pact to take revenge on the man who cucked him. The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Cuck and The Eunuch) is a short neo-noir-cum-absurdist-comedy that explores male toxicity, betrayal and companionship.

Running time: 00:21:59


The Kidnapping of the Bride (Germany) by Sophia Mocorrea

Luisa from Buenos Aires and Fred from Brandenburg have a unique relationship in which they’ve created their own universe. At their wedding, the two lovers are increasingly confronted with their social roles and intercultural prejudices. In the maelstrom of the night, they lose their sovereignty and each other. The tradition of the kidnapping of the bride, still an integral part of many weddings in German-speaking countries, finally shatters the couple's equality. There is no room for love in this claustrophobic role play of marriage.

Running time: 00:30:00

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